These are times I lost it at jobs and could not regain composure. Anyone who has seen me in that state knows I'm a red-faced, crying and - ugh - snorting mess. Sorry, coworkers!
  1. Lunch was hours late one day, and we were all hungry. One guy got pissed, grabbed a box of Frosted Flakes and started aggressively eating handfuls of it. Jeff Ross, who was standing nearby, said, "Jesus, buddy. Even Tony the Tiger is like, 'They're not that great'!"
    That was it. I hit the floor. What a great line that he'd never get to use again!
  2. Jon Benjamin and Jon Glaser disassembled every piece of furniture, and the computer, in a coworker's office. They piled all the tiny pieces in the middle of the floor, then jumped out and yelled, "Office prank! We're the office pranksters!" They then calmly reassembled the pieces.
    The fact that this "prank" involved the actual use of tools - and took up their entire lunch break - was so Zen, and just killed me.
  3. Met at a crowded restaurant with my old writing partner and the great Jen Kirkman. I arrived late; my writing partner looked around and asked, "Where will Aaron sit?" Jen, in a "construction worker" voice, loudly announced, "On my FACE."
    I absolutely lost it, embarrassing the three of us way more than Jen's initial joke had.
  4. Anytime I ever saw Gilbert Gottfried perform on the Comedy Central Roasts.
    Especially the Bob Saget Roast. Like, full-on, "Please quiet down, Aaron, you're disrupting the taping."
  5. At least 100 dick/ shit/ cum jokes that I REALLY did not want to be "that guy," laughing so hard at the dick/ shit/ cum joke, and earning the enmity of the sophisticated writers in the room - but I could not help it.
    Usually in these scenarios, if it goes on TOO long, I will leave the room and go hide in the kitchen to "laugh it out" until I can control myself.