1. The Adam Curtis BBC documentary, "Hypernormalisation"
    It's nearly 3 hours long and premiered on October 16. From Wikipedia: "In the film, Curtis argues that since the 1970s, governments, financiers, and technological utopians have given up on the complex 'real world' and built a simple 'fake world' that is run by corporations and kept stable by politicians."
  2. The part of "Hypernormalisation" I can't stop thinking about is the ending.
    Curtis uses the famous prom scene from the movie "Carrie" to symbolize the way we're hit by catastrophe in the 21st century. Standing around in our perfect, dream-like fantasy world, when suddenly... reality hits.
  3. Link to an excerpt from the film: https://youtu.be/he1S9fZHcK4
  4. The "On the Media" episode, "Now What?"
    A great podcast for current events and politics, hosted by Bob Garfield and Brooke Gladstone. This "mini-episode" (17 minutes), recorded the morning after the election, is so heartbreaking and intimate, I almost had to turn it off. Garfield and Gladstone spend most of it bickering and taking shots at each other, until Garfield flat-out admits, "I'm afraid. I'm afraid we're just passengers on the Ship of Fools." Took my breath away.