There are only two episodes left of "The People Vs. OJ Simpson." It's my favorite thing on TV this year, and it's devastating to know they'll break up this cast. But maybe they don't have to! Here are my pitches for future seasons. (If anyone knows Ryan Murphy, I give you permission to steal these ideas and present them as your own.)
  1. OJ, hounded by the press and public after his acquittal, buys a rocket and escapes to the moon, where he builds a secret compound. The first few episodes are "Last Man on Earth"-ish, but then Marcia Clark arrives to bring him to justice! Then Johnnie Cochran shows up, then Robert Kardashian, and they all build a new society on the moon!
  2. OJ begins the second season hunting for the Real Killer, but stumbles upon a bunch of other crimes, and solves them every week! But the Real Killer is always lurking in the shadows, seen only in silhouette, and OJ can never catch him. So OJ just keeps solving crimes. With his dog! He has a dog.
    In the final episode, the Real Killer is revealed to be Danny Trejo and there's a big fight where OJ could kill him, but chooses to bring him to justice instead!
  3. Marcia Clark, overwhelmed by losing the trial, decides to start over in NYC (her kids are written off the show). She finds a fabulous apartment, but guess who else is looking at it...? Johnnie Cochran! They grudgingly agree to become roommates! And it's a comedy!
    OJ is like their Kramer. In one episode, Robert Kardashian/ Schwimmer stops by, looks around the fabulous New York apartment and says knowingly, "THIS looks familiar...!" There's a big laugh from the studio audience!
  4. Judge Lance Ito tries to make it in Hollywood, and there are musical numbers like "Glee!"
  5. A new series is launched titled "OJ Simpson Vs. The People," where OJ sues everyone in America who says he's guilty! And who takes his case?! MARCIA CLARK!!!
    I don't know why she agrees or how this works, some overpaid jerk Hollywood writer can figure it out.