Which ListAppers will show up to meet @eatthelove at the Stocking Frame, tonight at 8 pm? Who knows? But here are the attendees at DJ Quik's party, as immortalized in his 1991 single "Tonight."
  1. "A player named Quik" (duh)
    "A stubborn kind of fellow with a head like a brick."
  2. Teddy Bear
  3. AMG
    AMG, of course, had his own hit singles - "Bitch Betta Have My Money" and "Jiggable Pie."
  4. The D
  5. Freaky
  6. Greedy
    Honestly, not 100% sure if this is the guy's name or Quik's judgment of him for bringing "three forties."
  7. Ham
  8. Shabby
  9. Hi-C
    Also a rapper with his own memorable (and admittedly offensive) single, "I'm Not Your Puppet."
  10. Crusher
  11. Mike P
  12. Shot
  13. K
  14. "Pete and Greg"
    Of all the names on this list, I'm most fascinated by Pete and Greg, who are greeted at the end of the song with a friendly, "What's up, Pete and Greg?" How did they get invited? How do they know Quik? Are they a couple? Let's discuss tonight.