1. I have been (reluctantly) taking a "Li.st Hiatus" due to an unusually heavy workload. HOWEVER:
  2. I had to jump on here and say that I listened to the new episode of my favorite podcast, "Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast." And the guest was... [HAND-DRUMROLL ON TABLE]
  3. Li.st superstar, @jonathanpaulkatz!
  4. This was one of the funniest episodes of one of the funniest podcasts ever.
  5. I walked outside on my lunch break at work, listening to it on my headphones, laughing hard and losing composure and feeling self-conscious about any of my coworkers seeing me.
  6. Congratulations, @jonathanpaulkatz!
    Who I have never met, so I'm not sure if he's as self-conscious as me, and I deeply hope calling attention to this hilarious work on his part is not considered some sort of impropriety!
  7. That is all. Miss you guys and look forward to listing more after my inevitable career implosion! ❤️❤️❤️