I'm not saying that I make these "jokes." I don't, because I know they're supposed to be hacky/ played out/ whatever. But when other people do, I enjoy it and silently salute them.
  1. Referring to Whole Foods as "Whole Paycheck."
  2. The Internet meme of Willy Wonka looking bemused.
    I think it's mainly because I love Gene Wilder so much.
  3. Imitating the stereotypical techno beat ("Umm-CHK umm-CHK umm-CHK umm-CHK").
  4. "That's what she said."
    Don't care. Will always be amusing to me. Even in its clunkiest usage, when it doesn't actually track: "Do we just split the check three ways?" "That's what she said." Might actually be BETTER when it doesn't track.