When I read that "One Year Ago Today" banner above the Featured lists, I was shocked. Have I really been using this app for a year?! I've enjoyed each incarnation of ListApp and truly love the Class of '16, but I do miss a daily dose of brilliance from the people who first got me hooked. Read all their lists, they're great.
  1. (Actually did list a few times recently, hopefully we'll get more)
  2. (See above)
  3. BONUS ITEM: One year ago today, here was my list: A List of Times I Stole Other People's Jokes
    (I was still writing about the same nonsense, but I was a year younger and 70 pounds heavier)
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    Come back!
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  6. Some of my very favorite lists
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  7. @evanp he was one of my favorites. He's on twitter at @evanpro
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