1. SONG: "Into the Groove"
    WHAT IT REMINDS ME OF: Junior high. Being like, "Fuck, this song is good, and I too am tired of dancing all by myself, but unlike Madonna, I am extremely unpopular and no one will dance with me."
  2. SONG: "Music"
    WHAT IT REMINDS ME OF: Being in NYC for my first TV job - the VH1 Fashion Awards. Surrounded by beautiful people all the time. So glamorous and exciting! So didn't know what I was doing! And this song was inescapable.
  3. SONG: "Hung Up"
    WHAT IT REMINDS ME OF: The peak of me being an unhealthy standup comic, staying out all night doing unhealthy things, with this maddening, insistent song constantly in the background, chirping, mocking, pounding.
  4. And that's it. That's all the Madonna songs I like. I was never much of a fan.