Memories of Doggy Fizzle Televizzle

Doggy Fizzle Televizzle was an MTV sketch comedy show created in 2002 by the brilliant Vernon Chatman & John Lee, and the one and only @snoopdogg. Here, by demand of the King of ListApp, are my Doggy Fizzle mizzemories.
  1. First of all, I did NOT get hired on Doggy Fizzle. My writing partner, Joe Wagner, did. I was jealous as hell!
    I had just helped write a ridiculous sketch for Snoop and Fred Willard that aired during a VH1 awards show* and I knew Snoop was hilarious. But Joe beat me out - and only because he was hilarious and talented and shit. *
  2. However, Vernon was cool with me coming by the Doggy Fizzle offices, hanging out at the shoots, eating all the snacks and using the Internet.
    Because that was back when you couldn't carry around the Internet in your pocket - remember?! You might go a WHOLE HOUR without using the Internet!
  3. One shoot in particular really stands out. It was a sketch featuring Snoop's recurring superhero character, "Cap'n Pimp."
    Pictured here with his Super Giant Pimp Hand.
  4. The guest star of the sketch was Beetlejuice, best known as a member of Howard Stern's "Wack Pack."
  5. In the sketch, Cap'n Pimp has been taken prisoner by evil STD monsters (a guy in a crab costume, another in a lice costume, etc.). Cap'n Pimp summons "Superjuice" (Beetle Juice in a cape and tights) for help.
  6. All Beetle had to do was enter frame and announce, "I'll save you, Cap'n Pimp!"
  7. The director yelled action. Beetle strolled into frame, looked at Snoop in his costume and said, very casually: "Oh hey, Snoop. What's up, man?" Snoop laughed.
  8. The Director yelled cut. He explained to Beetle that Snoop was not "Snoop" - he was "Cap'n Pimp." So Beetle simply had to walk in and say, "I'll save you, Cap'n Pimp." Beetle understood. The crew reset.
  9. The Director yelled action. Beetle walked into frame again, saw Snoop and said, "Snoop! What's up, dog? How you doin', man?" Snoop laughed harder.
  10. And so it went, again and again. Beetle would lay eyes on Snoop, be delighted to see him, then give a warm greeting and forget all about the sketch. It was the most genuine, endearing thing I ever saw in all my time at MTV.
  11. Through it all, Snoop just enjoyed himself, amused. He was a total pro and completely hilarious.
    Oh, and by the way - my favorite Doggy Fizzle sketch was "Napo Leon," Snoop's black box theater one-man show about the life of Napoleon. Which featured him holding a little Godzilla toy and going, "Grr! Grr!"