I'm on hiatus, so today was movie day. I went to the Gold Class in Pasadena, where one may eat sweet potato fries and have a martini while watching mainstream cinema. Here's what I saw.
  1. "Unfriended"
    This is the horror movie that takes place entirely on Skype. The twentysomething actors playing teenagers were quite good. Contained every dumb horror cliche, but the Skype gimmick genuinely made it feel fresh. Every character was a stupid, awful person, so you're not bummed out when they die! Made me think how, if I was a teenager I'd say, "That movie was not accurate," but it was completely accurate. Not particularly scary but often clever and I laughed several times.
  2. "Get Hard"
    Kevin Hart is growing on me (or have I just been beaten into submission?). Laughed a LOT at the first 30 minutes of this. Wasn't super into the long "gay panic"/ "I have to suck a dick" stretch. Liked Hart's "Boyz N the Hood" monologue. Laughed at the offensive stuff about Ferrell joining the gang, and his gang-member girlfriend. Felt angered and cheated by the lack of a blooper reel. If fucking "Paul Blart 2" doesn't have a blooper reel, I'm getting violent.
  3. BONUS MOVIE: "Hercules vs. Vampires"
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    Drove to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion for this performance of a live opera that is synced to a big-screen showing of Mario Bava's 1961 film, "Hercules in the Haunted World." The score was spectacular and the vocalists were phenomenal. Had the classic nerd complaint of, "I wish the crowd wasn't laughing quite so much at the 'cheesy' special effects, when this is actually an amazing movie." Then thought, "Ah, don't judge people for taking delight." Then did anyway.