ListApp has been one big experiment for me, and a very rewarding one. These are the principles I've tried to stick by. If you've got your own, I'd love to hear them.
  1. Be honest.
    Early on, I decided to try something unusual (for me) by shooting for total honesty on here. Do I have a personal anecdote that would be just a liiiiittle bit funnier/ more interesting/ more poignant if I exaggerated a detail slightly? Too bad. Let's see what happens if I'm honest instead. I have to fight the urge to "goose things up" on here all the time.
  2. Scare myself.
    If I'm nervous to hit "Publish List," that's a good sign.
  3. Be safe.
    Being honest and pushing the boundaries of what I'd normally be comfortable writing about is important - but at the same time, I have to remember that this is a public forum. It's not my journal. I don't actually know who's reading this stuff. It's important to gauge what should be kept private.
  4. Speak from my own experience.
    I try not to talk about/ analyze/ criticize people who "aren't in the room." (I think the Donald Trump list I wrote recently kind of violates this.) And no judging other people for not playing by my "rules."
  5. Don't share someone else's stuff without their permission.
    No posting someone's texts or emails or photos of them unless I've asked their permission first. (I don't stick to this in the case of public domain photos of celebrities. Maybe I should. But then I couldn't make my super-nerdy lists with fun photos!)
  6. No cheap jokes.
    This one's REALLY tough, because I'm good at writing cheap jokes! "Cheap jokes" - for me - reduce someone else to a punchline. Like the list I thought of this week that would've had a bunch of long entries, and then ended with an entry that was simply "Vin Diesel." No scoring points by knocking down someone else. (The worst part is, I LOVE cheap jokes - but again, trying something different than my usual on this app.)
  7. Be "boring."
    Write about stuff that's "too small" - that not everyone will be interested in, or relate to. Throw stuff out there without obsessing over it. I'm not getting paid to do this, so ListApp is a rare opportunity for me to do some honest-to-God self-expression that's not strictly for "likes."
  8. No negative comments.
    If I disagree with someone, I don't believe it's necessary to "educate" them. Everyone gets plenty of opportunities to get scolded, shamed and lectured in every other forum on earth. It's OK if I use this one strictly for positivity.
  9. Do my best to follow these rules.
    I would say I've broken a good 90% of them. But I try not to!
  10. Take the time to look at other people's lists even if I don't follow them.
    If I get a like or a follow or a relist, I visit that profile and read a few lists and share some feedback, be it support or just an approving emoji. I know how much getting notifications means to me so I want that for as many people as possible.
    Suggested by @kaitmaree
  11. You can't comment on a list without liking it first.
    Basic List App etiquette
    Suggested by @sarahguiloff
  12. Respect everyone's thoughts, feelings, and ideas regardless of personal beliefs ❤️
    Suggested by @wikiHow
  13. Respond to support.
    Even if it's just an emoji, responding to comments fosters a connection between ListAppers...especially important when someone supports your thoughts with vulnerable admission re: how he/she relates.
    Suggested by @TripleeSheldon
  14. Like every list you engage with.
    If you are commenting on a list or adding a suggestion to it or relisting it... it means you like it! So before anything else, why not give the list a "like" as a baseline?
    Suggested by @bjnovak