My Thoughts on the Rob Lowe (Ann Coulter) Roast

I'm flattered that you would ask, @eatthelove! The Rob Lowe Roast was a very mean show! Here are other thoughts I had about it too.
  1. I haven't seen the finished broadcast yet. I attended the live taping, which was super fun.
    Here's a picture that I asked a waitress at the show to take of me. Whenever I attend a fancy event, I get someone to photograph me looking unhappy at an empty table.
  2. I drank free wine and laughed hard for two hours, and what more do you want out of an evening than that?!
    Did a great job as host. I feel like this guy is underappreciated for what an architect he is of our snark culture. One of those comics who people are basically imitating all day long on Twitter and have no idea that's what they're doing. And I really fell in love with his WTF interview, which was so honest. Great jokes, and took a number of hard hits with style.
    This kid is funny. He's had the opening slot two roasts in a row now. That's really hard to do, which is why the honor was always given to the amazing Greg Giraldo. I thought Davidson's Justin Bieber set was probably stronger. But I assume a guy Davidson's age has more emotional investment in Bieber than Rob Lowe.
    I thought Riggle was genuinely unhinged. Really funny and insane. He used a device of delivering a joke and then immediately shouting out a reduction of the premise ("David Spade! Short! Little tiny baby-man!") that I associate with comedian Brody Stevens. That's high praise.
  6. JEWEL
    This year's staff of roast writers (I was not one of them) were particularly strong, and REALLY delivered killer material for the non-comics. Jewel was one of them, and totally stole the show (along with Peyton Manning). Her delivery was laid-back and natural and it worked with all the zinger one-liners. Her song was awesome. And OK, I MAY have contributed one joke for Jewel (but I'm WAY too modest to say).
    I don't know Nikki's stuff - haven't seen her Comedy Central series - so her set was a total surprise for me. What a great cross-section of mean and smart and funny! I'm always impressed by comics who can come on the roast and tell a joke that you'd think, "Mm, that's just slightly too smart/ off-kilter for this room" - and they kill with it.
    Jimmy's persona - as the disgusted, superior Brit - was a good fit for the roast. It kind of reminded me of a male version of the energy Natasha Leggero brings. Many strong jokes - although I hate to admit, my favorite moment was Jewel saying she talked to him backstage and thought, "Wow, when they let Mr. Bean speak he's a total asshole."
    I don't like sports and barely know who Peyton Manning is and I thought he had maybe the stand-out set of the evening. I'm telling you, all the writers on this year's roast are going to have monster careers.
    I wasn't super into Ralph's set! I know everyone's talking about how Anne Coulter bombed, but at least she had the tension of, you know, being Ann Coulter. Ralph's set didn't really take off until the last few minutes, which were funny. So hopefully it cut together well for the broadcast. He was a good sport to do this show.
    I've seen Coulter be absolutely, 100% funny and provocative on Real Time with Bill Maher (even if I hate what she's saying). Here, she just came out and said things you would expect Ann Coulter to say, which was a miscalculation. I used to tell writers to imagine this was a MOVIE about the roast. In the movie, what would be the most startling, shocking, surprising thing this celebrity could announce? Open with that. Oh, well - a missed opportunity.
    Jeff dressed up as Prince and played guitar. Jeff is to the roasts what the Ramones were to rock music. He took the classic formula, made it harder and faster than ever, and now everyone just does Jeff. He's the master and did not disappoint.
  13. ROB LOWE
    By this point in the evening, I and everyone else in attendance had enjoyed too many drinks to properly assess Mr. Lowe's performance, but I think it was good.
  14. And those are my thoughts. Let's do this again for the Roast of Ira Glass, or whoever! Thanks again, @eatthelove!