1. A couple years ago my wife said to me, "I'm going to make a website about all the art projects I attempt and call it Willing To Make Bad Art." I was like, "Great idea, Jennifer, you should totally do that!" Then I didn't hear about it again.
  2. Then the other day, she showed me this cartoon she drew for our friend John Matta's website, where he has funny people draw things on napkins.
    mattanapkin.com BTW
  3. I said, "Hey, that's great!" He posted it on his site this morning. I went and checked out her post - WHICH HAD A LINK TO HER WEBSITE, WILLINGTOMAKEBADART.COM!!!
  4. Now I'm reading this whole secret history of my wife's arts and crafts that I did not know she was keeping up!
  5. I just wanted to call attention to it because I think people will enjoy it - but more importantly, to brag about my wife.
  6. Ever since the first time I saw her - onstage at the famed Largo comedy show in Los Angeles - she was being all funny and beautiful and hanging out with cooler people than me.
  7. We're celebrating our 15-year wedding anniversary next week, and none of those circumstances have changed.
  8. She's fuckin' cool!