I was looking through an old notebook from June of 2006 with a list of stuff I was actively resentful about at the time. Now I find this list pretty hilarious (especially the items I can't even remember why I was mad). In the order they were listed:
  1. Dad
  2. God
  3. Mom
  4. Louis CK
  5. Ex-girlfriend who lied and told me she was 32 when she was really 39
  6. Ex-girlfriend who called me a "fucking mutant"
  7. First girlfriend
  8. Ex-girlfriend who got drunk and grabbed my friend's dick
  9. Jimmy Kimmel
  10. Grandmother
  11. Grandfather
  12. George Lopez
  13. MTV executives
  14. Uncle
  15. Psycho kid who followed me home from school every day in second grade, threatening to beat me up because he claimed he saw me jaywalking, then demanded I get on knees and beg Jesus Christ for forgiveness
  16. Sixth-grade teacher
  17. Entire junior high school, especially kid who threatened to beat me up if I didn't bring him Now & Later candy
  18. High school principal
  19. Various high school teachers
  20. All fratboys
  21. Everyone at my college radio station
  22. Zach Galifianakis
  23. Ashton Kutcher
  24. All my friends
  25. George W. Bush
  26. VH1 executives
  27. Anyone involved with the reality show "Are You Hot?"
  28. The sunbathers by the pool of my old apartment building
  29. Sarah Silverman
  30. Rich people
  31. Attractive people
  32. Las Vegas
  33. My shitty cars
  34. Gym class in grade/ high school
  35. The US Government
  36. MySpace
  37. Pornography
  38. Eminem
  39. 50 Cent
  40. Paris Hilton
  41. Terrorists
  42. Howard Stern
  43. Lexington, Kentucky
  44. Andy Dick
  45. Saturday Night Live
  46. * Oh, and P.S. - the complete list was about TEN TIMES AS LONG AS THIS. No exaggeration! And if you're on this list, please know I got help and got over it. (Thank God!)