These are people I got really, really mad at because I was not a fully-functioning adult who could take care of himself, and - on a deep, dark, secret level - believed it was the responsibility of the individuals on this list. I was not aware I felt that way at the time, and if you'd told me, I would've gotten really, really mad at you.
  1. My wife/ every romantic partner I've had
  2. My parents
  3. My teachers
  4. My kids
  5. My friends
  6. My wife's friends
  7. My kid's teachers
  8. Every employer I've had
  9. Every agent/ manager I've worked with
  10. The President/ all politicians
  11. "Rich" people
  12. "Poor" people
  13. Strangers in public
  14. Strangers on the Internet
  15. Celebrities I've never actually met
  16. Everybody
  17. [NOTE TO SELF: Consult this list next time I'm super pissed and see if source of anger falls under one of these categories]