I generally don't believe in advice (and try not to give it, either). Having said that, here are some things other people said to me that actually, genuinely improved my life in a concrete manner.
  1. Your romantic partner should not be the primary source of love and support in your life.
    Develop your spirituality and build a community. Turn to THEM for love and support. Only go to your partner and say, "What do you need, how can I help you out?" Then whatever love and support you do get from your partner is gravy, and you stop resenting them all the time for not meeting your needs. I still can't believe how much this one changed/ improved my life!
  2. People identify with their pain and suffering so strongly, that if you say ANYTHING to them other than "Wow, what a difficult situation - which you're handling so well," they'll view you as an enemy.
    This is so true, and it taught me to only speak from experience - never "advice."
  3. Take everything everyone says to you at face value.
    "But what if they're lying?!" Then you'll get that information later, and proceed accordingly, and you'll actually be OK throughout because you're not the weak, helpless victim of this cruel world that you were told you are. Love this one, really works for me and allows me to actually ENJOY people, not just fear and mistrust them!
  4. Working in the entertainment industry requires putting up with a lot of bullshit. If you're not having fun with the project you're on, it's not worth it - no matter what the money is - and it will affect your health, and you'll regret it.
    I got this advice, ignored it, regretted it, ignored it a few more times, REALLY regretted it, and now I try to follow it.
  5. Don't watch porn.
    Hey, I didn't want to hear this one! But yeah, massively helpful.
  6. Always bet on Blart.
    Can't tell you how many times this has saved my ass!