Thanks for the fun request, @Nicholas! As a professional sitcom writer, these are the stories I'd pitch for a Trump-based sitcom, which would be titled "Hey, Donald!" and would run on NBC!
  1. Donald schedules an important business meeting, but forgets it's his wedding anniversary! So he schedules dinner with Melania and the meeting at the same restaurant, and frantically runs back and forth between the tables! But then he sees an attractive waitress, so he kisses her without consent and gropes her genitals!
  2. Donald's got a world leader coming to his house for dinner! Everything's got to be perfect - but Melania's a terrible cook! So Donald secretly hires a Chef and plans to replace Melania's bad food with the Chef's food! But the Chef turns out to be an attractive woman, so Donald kisses her without consent and gropes her genitals!
  3. A snooty Health Inspector visits the restaurant at Trump Tower, and Donald can't stand him! While Donald's showing him a meat locker, the door shuts, locking Donald and the Health Inspector inside! Donald's looking for a way out when he moves some boxes and finds a Miss Universe contestant! Donald kisses her without consent and gropes her genitals!
  4. Donald's got a debate with a mean lady who's going to mention all the times he kissed women without their consent and groped their genitals! So Donald yells about her husband and calls him a rapist! Then he kisses a woman in the front row without her consent and gropes her genitals, all while calling the mean lady an "enabler!"
    Abraham Lincoln sits up straight in bed! "Honey, you wouldn't believe the nightmare I just had!" Sofia Vergara is his wife! THE WHOLE SHOW WAS A BAD DREAM!!! CUE LAUGH TRACK HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!