[BEFORE READING, PLEASE NOTE: We just got around to watching "Grease Live" last week.]
  1. Can we watch a MythBusters?
    No, not right now
  2. Why was Rizzo so mean to Sandy?
    I think she was jealous of Sandy because she liked Danny too, and she wished Danny liked her as much as he liked Sandy.
  3. In the song "There Are Worse Things I Could Do," why does Rizzo say "I could hurt someone like me"?
    I think she's talking about Sandy, and admitting that she's actually very similar to Sandy, but tries to hide it by being mean to her and acting tough and "cool."
  4. Can we watch a MythBusters now?
    Guys, you watched like three MythBusters yesterday. Let's take a little TV break.
  5. Is Danny a jerk?
    I think he's just afraid to be himself around his friends. I mean, yeah, he's kind of a jerk.
  6. Why did Danny get so embarrassed when everyone saw him hug his friend?
    Because in the 1950s, there were all sorts of rules about how men were allowed to behave and how they were allowed to show they cared about other men. I mean, not "rules" like laws - OK, actually, there WERE laws... (PAUSE) People in the 1950s were confused and had a lot of bad ideas.
  7. Please can we watch a MythBusters?
    We can watch one MythBusters.
  8. Why did Rizzo and Danny both feel like they couldn't be themselves, and they had to act tough and cool, and then at the end Sandy feels like she can't be herself and she has to dress different?
    Because there were a LOT of these different rules in the 1950s - and teenagers in general, they're going through this time in their lives when they feel like they need to show they're independent from their parents - because they DO need to be independent in new ways... Especially someone like Danny, who, remember, he said that thing about how his parents aren't really there for him, and (MORE RAMBLING THAT TURNS INTO AUTOBIOGRAPHY, THEN MUMBLING)
  9. Can we watch another MythBusters?
    Yes! Yes. God, yes.