1. Maria Bamford is hilarious.
  2. John C. Reilly is hilarious.
  3. Maria is honest - and perhaps more important, extremely funny - about her struggles with mental illness.
    At a time when people dealing with mental health issues are often demonized.
  4. John C. Reilly plays Dr. Steve Brule.
    He's turned what could have been just another Tim & Eric grotesquerie into a fully-realized, unbelievably hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking character. Brule rules.
  5. Maria is an easy laugh.
    If you've ever heard an interview with her, you know she laughs often and enthusiastically - a quality I appreciate/ envy in other people. See also: Gilbert Gottfried, Ricky Gervais.
  6. John C. Reilly is a vegetarian.
  7. Maria lived in my old neighborhood, and you could always find her at the coffee shop or just hanging out on the sidewalk, talking to the locals.
  8. John C. Reilly once showed up at a public tennis court in East L.A. with a ball and two rackets and asked my friend Marco, "Hey man, wanna play?"
  9. Maria made "The Program," a criminally under seen web series that is the funniest, most (only?) realistic portrayal of 12-step meetings ever.
  10. John C. Reilly made "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story," which someday will be appreciated as the masterpiece that it is.
  11. Maria Bamford appeared on an episode of "Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule" where she portrayed Cynthia Driscoll, who Dr. Steve immediately fell in love with.
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    And I felt like I could die happy.