I was SO tempted to pick songs from a later year, in order to appear younger. But ListApp is all about honesty. And truthfully, the year I graduated high school, me and my punk rock friends were listening to Descendents, Minor Threat, Dinosaur Jr., etc. Here, however, are the songs that were actually popular. Thanks for requesting, @TT!
  1. "Faith," George Michael
    Catchy tune. Didn't really like it, but wasn't offended by it (despite being so punk rock). Kind of appreciated the minimalism of the production (at least in terms of 80s music).
  2. "Need You Tonight," INXS
    Actually, the exact same description of "Faith" applies here too.
  3. "Never Gonna Give You Up," Rick Astley
    Thought this song kicked ass. Never would've admitted it then. Pretty embarrassed to admit it now. Appreciated the Rick Roll phenomenon because it was a guilt-free opportunity to hear this great song.
  4. "Heaven is a Place on Earth," Belinda Carlisle
    Also pretty fantastic. I liked the Go-Gos, didn't like most of Belinda's solo stuff, but thought this was a great chorus.
  5. "Sweet Child o' Mine," Guns N' Roses
    Yecccchhhh! Especially in Kentucky, where they played this constantly. Vomit!
  6. "Pour Some Sugar on Me," Def Leppard
    Stupid! I enjoyed numerous Def Leppard songs, but not this one.
  7. "Naughty Girls Need Love Too," Samantha Fox
    Marti - who would eventually become my first girlfriend - sang this song to me once over the phone, and it was the most exciting moment of my life.
  8. "Kokomo," Beach Boys
    Just a horrifying, embarrassing song, especially as a high school senior who obsessively played his cassette tape of the Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds."
  9. "Tell It to My Heart," Taylor Dayne
    All right, this one rocked. Could still put this on and enjoy it.
  10. "Girlfriend" and "Mercedes Boy," Pebbles
    Pebbles. Jesus! What the fuck happened to Pebbles? Both of these songs were smooth as shit. I think Marti sang "Girlfriend" to me, too. She knew how to play me!
  11. "Dirty Diana," Michael Jackson
    I mean, what can you say? I was listening to the Dead Kennedys, and I STILL had to admit this one rocked.