1. 1970s: Mom and Dad partying
  2. 1980s: Radio
  3. 1990s: Crappy little TV/ VCR combo on the floor next to my futon mattress, playing a VHS tape of either "Total Recall" or "The Running Man"
    Seriously, this was every night for years in my 20s. I can't imagine what it did to my subconscious.
  4. 2000s: (TIE) Turner Classic Movies/ White noise setting on my children's various cribs, swings, etc.
  5. 2010s: Podcasts
    This recently led to me lying in bed next to my sleeping wife, literally shaking as I tried to hold in hysterical laughter while listening to Gilbert Gottfried's podcast. My wife gently touched my shoulder and asked if I was all right - assuming I was quietly sobbing.