Fun request, @TT, thank you! (WARNING: The last 5 things that made me laugh out loud were unsophisticated and distasteful)
  1. A bit my six-year-old daughter did at breakfast where she pretended to eat a toy donut, which she then pantomimed passing through her body and out her butt. She punctuated this by declaring "Right out the door!" Lost it
  2. Bunch of stupid jokes at work today, I can't remember a single one of them but I laughed a lot
  3. My wife and I were on our Date Night and the conversation turned to a 1980s horror movie I saw in high school that ended with a zombie ripping the hero's balls off. I could barely get through the description because my wife and I were laughing so hard
  4. An old filthy joke on Gilbert Gottfried's podcast: A gorilla is walking through the jungle when he sees a lion drinking from a puddle with his butt in the air. The gorilla runs up and sodomizes the lion. The lion freaks out, roars and attacks the gorilla, chasing him through the jungle.
    The gorilla, looking for a place to hide, finds an explorer's tent that is empty. He puts on the explorer's hat, picks up a newspaper and opens it to hide his face. The lion bursts in and says, "Did you see a gorilla around here?" The gorilla asks, "You mean the one that fucked the lion in the ass?" The lion yells, "It's already in the paper?!?" (P.S. This joke is so terrible on so many levels and when I told it to my wife she cried laughing, which is why we are married)
  5. The YouTube video where they took sound bites from other James Earl Jones movies and dubbed them over Darth Vader scenes from the original "Star Wars"
    This will never not destroy me