1. Why I was so afraid to miss a flight
    I ran through airports in terror, heart racing. "I'm going to miss my connection!" So what? I'm not a heart surgeon. Where was it so crucial that I had to be there on time?
  2. Why I went to sleep every night convinced I'd die in an earthquake, home invasion or both
  3. Why being famous is an important goal and a good way to live your life
  4. Why I got so upset when multiple people I knew were all using the same slang term or expressing the same opinion as if it was theirs and theirs alone
    The entirety of my 20s and a big chunk of my 30s was devoted to aggressively shaming people for this "hypocrisy." Now I can't remember why I cared, or what exactly the point was - "Every single person alive should always be thinking and doing completely different things and never have any kind of shared experience," I guess...?
  5. Why I wanted so badly to work at places that didn't want me to work there
  6. Why I wanted so badly to be romantically involved with people who didn't want to be romantically involved with me
  7. Why I felt angry, threatened and vaguely disgusted when I saw other people having a good time
  8. Names
    "Hey, how ya been... buddy!"