1. I never want to do anything now but listen to Amy Winehouse.
    I had the same problem a few years ago when I saw the Harry Nilsson documentary.
  2. Thank God - thank GOD - my path never crossed with Amy back when I worked for MTV a lot. Because I would have fallen absolutely, 1000% in love with her and caused massive wreckage in my life.
    I know my patterns and boy, did she fit the bill.
  3. That previous list item can not be stressed enough.
  4. It is not appropriate to ask anyone famous for any favor, ever.
    They are dealing with a life situation so utterly unmanageable that it's just not right. I apologize to everyone even the slightest bit famous I ever asked for anything at all.
  5. She was one of the all-time greats and has not been surpassed.
    I was floored that she was so funny, right up to the end.
  6. I want to see it again, but also never want to see it again.
    I'll probably just stick to playing her albums too much.
  7. My kids love "Valerie."
    The rest of her songs, I don't play for them.