1. Fuck! Wait, did I -- fuck!
  2. FUUUUUUCK! Ah, fuck, you're kidding me!
  3. Save As Draft! Why didn't I Save As Draft?! Goddamn it!
  4. Wait, I saved the first three entries. Do I actually rewrite the next 15 I had?!
  5. No, my wife and kids are coming back from lunch. I don't have time.
  6. Fuck.
  7. (General simmering frustration that gradually calms down)
  8. You know what? People on here don't actually have any interest in knowing "Reasons I Love Armond White." This is for the best.
  9. I've spent too much time on here today anyway.
  10. Wait, I know! I'll write a "meta-list" about this!
  11. I wonder if anyone will like it.
  12. I wonder if this bit's been done already by someone else.
  13. You know what? If it has been done before, it's not the end of the world. And it's important to promote the message of "save your drafts." I'm publishing it.
  14. (A few more moments of self-doubt)
  15. Yeah, publish it.