1. He's walking across the golf course with a crowd of people, and none of them will walk next to him or even look at him. Not even his own entourage.
  2. He looks lonely.
  3. He looks like he's trying to play it off - like, "Yeah, it's cool that everyone's ignoring me. I'm just walking and looking around my golf course."
  4. I read that he Googles himself every single day. How does he deal with it?
  5. If I get even one VAGUELY and NON-SPECIFICALLY negative comment on Li.st, I fall into a shame spiral for the next week! Donald Trump is disliked by 70% OF AMERICANS.
  6. People go online and call for his death. How does he read that and go on with his day?
  7. How does he not live in terror?
  8. DOES he live in terror? Does that explain his "policies?"
  9. How does he lie down and find the peace to go to sleep at night, with the majority of the country (if not the world) sending massive waves of angry thoughts his way? Does he take pills?
  10. Has all that hostility driven him insane?
  11. Almost as many people hate Hillary. Does she live in terror? Has it driven HER insane?
  12. I read that NO ONE on Trump's team - least of all, Trump himself - thought his campaign would become so popular. When he launched it, was he kind of, you know... screwing around?
  13. Is there a part of him that wishes we would all stop paying attention and make it end? Is he deliberately pushing the boundaries to see if he can make the Republicans drop him? Are all his hateful, offensive statements "acting out" behaviors, just like any other self-hating addict?
  14. Listen to what he said about the Brexit. He's not just uninformed - he seems GENUINELY DISINTERESTED. He would MUCH rather talk about his golf course, and how awesome it is! Is that why so many Americans feel a kinship with him? Because they're also disinterested in the Brexit, and more concerned with their own finances?
  15. If Howard Stern had run, all the same things would happen, but everyone would've dismissed his campaign months ago. But due to the fact that Trump is the "billionaire guy" (and not a "comedian"), everyone lost all sense of reality/ context. And now it's "real."
  16. Are there "handlers" skilled enough to walk Trump through what is sure to become an increasingly hostile, intense campaign until Election Day? Or will the stress and overall exhaustion cause him to honest-to-God lose it, full-on Charlie Sheen style, at one of the debates?
  17. Was the "taco bowl" tweet sincere? Did he genuinely think that was a good idea?
  18. Is he just unconsciously hurtling through this thing with his phone blowing up 24 hours a day and someone always yammering in his ear about what he should do next, and it's impossible to think?
  19. It does me absolutely no good to speculate about these things. In fact, none of them are any of my business.
  20. Is he lonely?