Writing about feeling confident is terrifying. Acting insecure is my #1 defense mechanism to make sure people like me/ aren't threatened by me! Thanks for this great and challenging list request, @celeste.
  1. When I was a teenager and I was with my friends and we were laughing about something.
  2. When I played music onstage.
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    Here's a photo of me in a band when I was 20. We were called Penis Your Majesty.
  3. When I kissed someone and they were really excited to kiss me back.
  4. When I used any substance that shut down my negative thinking and gave me a false sense of confidence.
  5. When I told a joke that made a whole crowd of people laugh.
  6. When I was about to walk into a job interview, and got a call that I had landed another, much better job, and I hung up and walked into the interview and just enjoyed meeting the people with no pressure.
  7. When my daughter was born.
    My wife was nervous to give birth. I just knew that everything was going to be fine. I can't explain it - I just knew. We were in the delivery room, telling jokes and laughing. Then we heard a baby crying. Genuinely confused, I asked, "Whose baby is that?" The doctor said, "Your baby." The best!