This is just a weird thought that popped into my head today. Movies and TV shows are always about people "taking revenge" on someone or something - whether in an intense, "Game of Thrones" way or a sitcom episode comedic way. But is that something ANYONE does in real life? Have you ever carried out a "revenge plot?" If so, did it work? I'll start.
  1. When I was 19, I was mad at my friend Carrie for some offense that I can't even remember. Late one night, I figured out where she parked her car, then smeared wet dog food all over it.
    It didn't really work. The next day, she basically didn't notice the dog food. It was spread too thin and made no impact. Carrie and I went on to date, then she dumped me, leaving me devastated. Boy, I really showed her, huh?
  2. Anyway, just curious if people really do "take revenge" or if it's just a movie/ TV trope.
    Oh, and the best revenge story ever is "Ripley's Game," where a guy at a party makes a joke at Ripley's expense - and Ripley spends the next 10 years meticulously plotting the guy's downfall. "Needless to say, I had the last laugh" - Alan Partridge