Twelve-way tie for first place. Love 'em all.
  1. 1. Funny Listers
    Budding and established comedy writers
  2. 1. Sincere Listers
    From self-examination to day-to-day minutiae
  3. 1. Celebrity Listers
    Always glamorous and exciting to see them pop up
  4. 1. Nerdy Listers
    Going deep on movies, music, TV, books and stuff
  5. 1. Food Listers
    Almost always a 💾 for me
  6. 1. Angry Listers
    Calling everyone on their shit
  7. 1. Late-Night Listers
    a.k.a. Drunk Listers
  8. 1. Look-At-Me Listers
    Outdoing each other with incredible stories of fucked-up behavior (often with pictures!)
  9. 1. All-of-the-above Listers
    a.k.a. Fuck-a-"Brand" Listers
  10. 1. Old School Listers
    Especially if we've become pals
  11. 1. New School Listers
    Especially when I've never seen anything by them before, and they pop up in my feed thanks to someone else's relist, and I love what they wrote, and I go to their profile and they've got like ten other fantastic lists. It's like Christmas
  12. 1. Shy Listers
    Writing lists about how they're scared to write lists
  13. 1. "I Love" Listers
    Listing about how great this app is and how awesome its users are