LEPRECOP is my dream movie project about a cop who's a leprechaun. I mentioned it as a suggestion on this list, by @list: Pitch Us Your Best (Worst?) Idea For a Movie Then @Nicholas made this list request. Thanks, @Nicholas! Here you go!
  1. The LEPRECOP is played by Duane Johnson
  2. His wife and family are murdered
  3. His wife and family were not leprechauns
    That's part of what makes it so painful to be the LEPRECOP - he is such a complete outsider
  4. If you're wondering how great, big Duane Johnson could play a tiny leprechaun - he is green-screened
  5. The leprechaun was living a perfectly happy life until his wife and kids were murdered by scumbags, which is what made the leprechaun decide to contact the local police force and become a cop
  6. There's a scene where he's leaving the funeral of his family, and he tosses a four-leaf clover into the water - because who could possibly believe in "good luck" after what he's been through?!
  7. He beats a guy to death with a shillelagh
  8. The soundtrack is by Animal Collective
  9. The LEPRECOP is planning to retire and live off his pot of gold, but it gets stolen by punks - which is particularly upsetting because he just went through the death of his family
  10. The LEPRECOP goes on a total rampage, reminiscent of the "Hallway Sequence" from Oldboy - except the LEPRECOP is like two feet tall
  11. There's an ambiguous ending where the LEPRECOP joyfully slides over a rainbow - but you suspect it may be a hallucination, because he was beaten to death
  12. The movie wins 15 Academy Awards and everyone loves me