@dena asked for this one after I mentioned in a comments section that I enjoyed "Man From UNCLE" - and particularly Henry Cavill, who I described as "fun" and "charming." Let me count the ways.
  1. I mean, he's obviously ridiculously handsome - like you could actually make a "Swingers"-style movie where Jon Hamm is the neurotic friend who "can't get laid" and Cavill is the slick buddy helping him out, and I would totally buy it.
  2. His performance in UNCLE was weirder and funnier than I expected. First of all, he speaks in a self-conscious, unnatural manner that I initially assumed was an imitation of Robert Vaughn (star of the original TV version). But the longer it went on, the more I suspected he was doing Robert Urich in "Austin Powers!"
    Or maybe Cavill was just battling not to let his British accent slip out. Regardless, he was funny.
  3. He sits in a truck and eats a tomato and cheese sandwich while a speedboat gunfight goes on behind him - and goddamn, you've never seen an actor enjoy a sandwich more.
  4. This suit? Forget it.
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  5. In conclusion, Henry Cavill is fun and charming and should stop wasting time acting all serious as Bummer Superman, and start making fun movies where he is a cop who finds out his new partner is... A LEPRECHAUN?!?!?!
    "Lepre-Cop." That's my idea, I thought of it.
  6. Thanks for the list request, @dena!