I'm in Big Sur with my family. I got up early this morning to do a monster hike up a goddamned mountain. I have just reached the peak; before I head back down, I'd like to list the topics I thought about on the way up. (NOTE: These are in order from lowest point of hike to highest.)
  1. Comedy.
    Specifically, the relationship between "insult humor" and growing up with an abusive childhood; the Amy Schumer backlash, as manifested in the Washington Post editorial I read the other day; and a deep grieving for the end of the Letterman era that I hadn't allowed myself to feel up until now.
  2. My career, in general.
    Without question, the majority of the hike.
  3. God.
    Also general science shit - plant DNA vs. human DNA; subatomic particles; what can truly be called "the building blocks of life"; the "God" concept as manifested in the kindness of whoever thought to carefully place this log over this mucky patch ahead of me; etc.
  4. BONUS ITEM: My view right now.
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