To fulfill @ChrisK's request, I dug out some old photos. If I had to sum up what I was like in my 20s in five words or less, I would say: "Hey, I did my best."
  1. Turned 20. Became more awkward and depressed than ever.
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  2. Cut my hair myself and was generally a dysfunctional weirdo.
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  3. Said goodbye to Lexington, KY. Moved to Los Angeles for a job of ill repute. Lost the glasses.
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  4. Excellent example of the type of people I started hanging out with.
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  5. Dated a lot.
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  6. Sat in the background at my job of ill repute while things happened like Tommy Lee wearing a devil mask and running a feather boa between his legs.
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  7. Became a "party guy," which I never would've admitted (because there was nothing on earth I believed I hated more than "party guys").
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  8. Was also a fuckin' goofball who was so desperate to write comedy for TV that he would spend days transforming his office into a mock-"Tonight Show" set to perform a "Carnac" desk bit.
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  9. Was full of fear, humor, ambition, melancholy, anger, enthusiasm, small-minded pettiness, sweetness and bad ideas of how to get through the day. Was constantly unaware that I was having a great time and everything was perfect! Was, you know, in my 20s!
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