Ha... I love that @TT always requests such specific lists from me! I didn't truly "work" today, because the Dominant Paradigm insists that it's the "Lord's Day." But if I'm honest, a few things did make me love my job.
  1. I was emailed a script to read for the rewrite that begins first thing tomorrow morning. The script was by a talented writer, and it was very funny.
  2. The guy at the Apple Store asked what I do for a living, and I said "writer," and he got all excited and talked to me about it for a long time.
    To be completely honest, most of this conversation was devoted to the two of us analyzing why the Fantastic Four movie didn't do so well this weekend.
  3. I ran into one of my old coworkers on that shopping trip. He's working on a sitcom that stars an old school Hollywood actor. I had JUST listened to a podcast - about old Hollywood - with stories about how wacky said actor was. I got to pump my old coworker for anecdotes!
    This may be the kind of thing I love about my job above all else.
  4. Oh - actually, I just remembered - I DID do some straight-up work today! Due to the fact that my wife and kids are out of town, I spent some time writing jokes. (That would normally never happen on a Sunday.) It was fun and difficult and not fun and then fun again, like joke writing always is for me.
  5. @TT, I really appreciate that you're interested in this stuff. It reminds me to appreciate that I am being paid to do what I love!
    Although I feel a TINY bit lame compared to you, y'know, facilitating the EXISTENCE OF HUMAN LIFE INTO THE WORLD. But hey, we all do our part!