Trying to stay awake for SNL so i documented my husbands decent into a Wiki hole
  1. Michael Clark Duncan
    We were watching Talladega Nights and he got sad that Michael Clark Duncan died.... and so it began...
  2. Biggie
  3. Tupac
  4. Suge Knight
  5. Sean Combs
  6. Busta Rhymes
  7. A Tribe Called Quest
  8. NWA
  9. Ice Cube
  10. Friday
  11. John Singleton
    I asked him the name of the rock instilation we saw at LACMA (Levitated Mass)
  13. LACMA
  14. Antonio Villaraigosa
  15. Eric Garcetti
  16. Gil Garcetti
  17. Bruce Greenwood
  18. Admiral Christopher Pike
  19. Capt. James T Kirk
  20. Spock
  21. Romulans
  22. Vulcans