My Twenty Sixteen Favorites

inspired by @ShawnKelly inspired by @brimattia
  1. Book: A Gentleman In Moscow
    Such a beautiful book
  2. Album: George Ezra- Wanted on Voyage
    One of the few actual cd's i bought this year.
  3. Favorite memory: Watching Pirates of the Caribbean on the top deck of a Disney Cruise with my husband late at night.
    We went up for ice cream and there was no one there. We ate endless pizza and giggled about how cool it was to be in the middle of the atlantic watching Pirates.
  4. Favorite movie: Brooklyn
    I identified with this on so many levels. Its amazingly beautiful and perfectly sums uo whst its like to move awayfrom home for the first time. The book is runner up for my favorite book all year.
  5. Favorite soundtrack: Me Before You
    I owe my discovery of Jessie Ware to this album. For that i am forever grateful.
  6. Favorite new music discovery: Christine and the Queens
    Discovering her music gives me the same feeling i had when i discovered Frou Frou and Imogen Heap at 16. That is to say i felt pure joy.
  7. Favorite musical: In the Heights
    Our local comunity theater put on a production that just floored me. It was the catalyst to me purchasing the Hamilton soundtrack. On a side note, everyone go out and support their local theater!
  8. Favorite tv show: Crazy Ex Girlfriend
    ...just go watch it... just... its just soooooo good!
  9. Favorite streamed show: Cucoo
    I love all 3 seasons even though Taylor Lautner took over. Its funny as hell and i quote it all the time.