I'm 25 and married which means most people think they have a right to ask when I will bear some adorable "crotch fruit." These are all the things I'm thinking every time we have to tell them "we're just not ready."
  1. I know what it means to be a parent.
    I'm a nanny. My job gives me a unique perspective on what it really means to have a kid. I always say having kids is 95% hard and 5% fun. I'm not going into it blind like most of my friends.... more about that later
  2. I still want my husband all to myself!
    I like him... like alot. He makes me laugh, he let's me pick where we eat, he gives me all his attention and I am not ready to give that up yet.
  3. Ummm..... alcohol!
    I only discovered gin like 2 years ago! I LOVE a good cocktail. I'm not ready to not drink for 9 months-2 years! That honestly sounds like the worst time ever. Thinking about it just makes me want a drink.
  4. There's so much more to do!
    My husband is still in school. We want to travel, go to concerts, go to the movies, and stay out late. I know having a kid doesn't stop that, but it makes a lot of things alot harder to do...
  5. Friends with kids.....
    All they do is tell us to wait to have them, and say they're jealous of our lives. Then they ask us when we are going to have some of our own. Uhhhhh....
  6. The money!
    Those little ones are expensive!
  7. I need my sleep.
    If I don't get enough sleep I turn into a monster. Like legit I hate everyone, start crying, and need to lay down just like a todler.
  8. I'm scared.
    I'm scared to be a mom. I'm a hot mess. I'm scared to be pregnant, to give birth, to not sleep. What if I get post partum? What if we have a baby then don't like each other any more? The list goes on and on.
  9. So much pressure!
    Sometimes I don't care what others think, but most of the time I care way too much. I tend to just shut down and ignore them.