I love my hair, but it comes with its own weird shit
  1. This is me and my hair in my most natural state.
  2. It's heavy!
    At least twice a week I get a terrible headache because my hair is weighing my head down.
  3. It takes at least 24 hours to dry.
    It's not just curly, it's thick!
  4. People think they can just walk up and touch my head.
    Yah... just because it looks nice DOES NOT mean it's ok to touch.
  5. It costs twice as much to get it done
    There's so much of it! My hair girl gives me a good discount, but still a cut and color costs at least $150.
  6. The knots!
    In the 24 hours it takes to dry it turns into what my mom always referred to as a "rats nest"
  7. I have found things in it....
    Mainly feathers from a feather pillow I eventually threw out. Also found in my hair: food crumbs, leaves, and lost Bobby pins.
  8. In all honesty though, with all of the things that are such a pain in my ass, I LOVE my hair! It's like a built in accessory that makes me feel beautiful and confident ❤