To me, happiness is...

moments and things that give me happiness all the way deep in my soul
  1. Honey ice cream from Craft LA
  2. A cool breeze on a warm night
  3. My husband when he gets the giggles
  4. Love notes
  5. The first cold day of fall
  6. Main St at Disneyland
  7. The sunrise on a road trip
  8. When my dog lays on my lap
  9. A good cheeseburger
  10. Mexican food at the beach
  11. This picture
  12. The smell of cinnamon baking
  13. When my whole family erupts in laughter
  14. The smell of a museum
  15. A good bookstore
  16. Hearing someone speak french
  17. Citrus trees
  18. When my husband whispers in my ear
  19. Re reading the Great Gatsby
  20. A good hug
  21. Coffee with my best friend
  22. Buying the perfect gift
  23. The perfect cocktail
  24. Watching the Barefoot Contessa
  25. Rain
  26. Streetlights in fog
  27. Homemade lemonade
  28. Jazz