Inspired by @drugs
  1. Best: Dancing in the new year at a disco on a kibbutz in Israel
  2. Worst: having horrible migraines for seven months
  3. Worst: getting a severe ocular migraine while shopping in Strand and having to search for my dad half blind
  4. Best: starting grad school
    And remembering how much I love school and how smart I am
  5. Best: reconciling with one of my oldest and dearest friends after four years of silence
    Love is redemption
  6. Best: moving to New York
  7. Best: new friends
  8. Best: old friends
  9. Worst: falling in love and then finding out I gave myself and my time to the wrong person
  10. Worst: him walking away without a single word
    And his continued silence
  11. Best: adidas sneakers
    I walk everywhere now that I live in New York and I love it so so much
  12. Best: eating whatever I want now because I walk so much and I'm the skinniest I've ever been
    A bagel a day makes you go down a pant size apparently
  13. Worst: the election
    And the stomach churning sadness and fear that has followed
  14. Worst: awful anxiety about getting a migraine anywhere and losing vision
    Read: my real fear here is losing control
  15. Best: conquering that anxiety with really hard emotional work
  16. Best: this haircut