I know I haven't listed about Trump. Believe me that this election is all I've thought about for a week. I'm doing activist stuff where I live and it's all I think about really so I just can't list about it so I'm going to list about this
  1. I'm single by choice right now
  2. I get asked out all the time
  3. And I know how that sounds
  4. But I do, and I've turned a few guys down recently because I had this realization
  5. That all I want is to be alone
  6. My last relationship hurt me so badly, to my core, in a way I haven't been hurt in a long long time
  7. And when it ended I thought I needed to start dating again and get back out there since I live in New York and I'm young and whatever
  8. But those 'after' dates kept feeling really bad
  9. And all of a sudden it hit me:
  10. I can say no and it doesn't mean anything
  11. I can focus on me and that can be enough
  12. I don't owe anything to the guys who ask me out
  13. I mostly just want to spend time with friends and explore New York and travel and not care when someone texts me
  14. This last relationship made me feel tiny, and suffocated, and anxious
  15. I want to feel huge and brave
  16. All I crave is freedom