1. "Wow! You boast an impressive book collection."
  2. "Thanks for checking in on me. You're so good at remembering to do that."
  3. "You're just as beautiful with your glasses on as you are without."
  4. "Your child bearing hips are the first thing I was attracted to about you."
  5. "The way you get toothpaste all over your lips while brushing your teeth, instead of keeping everything neatly inside, is so cute."
  6. "Wow! Your glasses are so smudged and you can still see through them? You must have superpowers."
  7. "I love how instead of humoring little kids you choose to be sarcastic back to them. It's so funny and appropriate."
  8. "You know what turns me on? The way you always have to have the last word in an argument."
  9. "I love the gap in your front teeth."
    Shoutout to @liam_speranza for saying this to me every day.