Disclaimer: I use a @strandbookstore tote bag as a purse so I can fit a lot of stuff
  1. Pills
    Migraine medicine, Claritin D, blood vessel health supplements, ibuprofen
  2. Snacks
    Currently two Nature Valley granola bars
  3. Water bottle
    Big enough to hold an entire wine bottle, not that I've tried
  4. Prescription sunglasses
  5. Phone charger
  6. Chapstick
  7. Book
    Currently "A Letter in the Scroll" by Jonathan Sacks
  8. Nasal spray
    Two bottles of this actually - I'm really cute in the spring time
  9. Tissues
    See #8
  10. Sunscreen
    I'm so pale guys
  11. Wallet
    I'm broke anyway
  12. Keys