1. The oceanography room in the Museum of Natural History
    It's all blue and cavernous with a giant whale suspended from the ceiling. They have mats on the floor where you can lay and stare at the ceiling, and it looks like you're laying at the bottom of a pool and watching light dance on the water's surface. It's the most mellow place in New York City and I could stay there for hours.
  2. Murray's Bagels
    Best bagel I've ever had. They don't own a toaster because their bagels are so fresh they don't need one. Euphoria.
  3. Malatesta Trattoria
    On Washington Street. Best gnocchi I've ever had outside of Italy. It's pricey and there's always a wait but the food is impeccable. All the waiters are Italian so you know it's real.
  4. Central Park's Great Lawn
    On a warm spring day especially, but really any day. What a wonder in the middle of that concrete maze.
  5. Grand Central, Main Terminal
    I love this room. It's always full of bustling people lugging bags and holding three too many objects and hurrying along but then you look up and the artwork is stunning and there's huge American flags and everything slows down for me. You can look around at the faces of people waiting eagerly for friends and family and lovers to arrive and to me, the masses of people become individuals.
  6. Best bookstore in the world. It's like a castle for books. It's fun to be in a place that exalts books the way that I do. I ❤️ STRAND.
  7. Westside Market
    Yes, this is a grocery store. But it is also a religious experience. The pre-made food there makes me question why I ever eat other things. On more than one occasion I purchased imported feta from Westside and ate only aforementioned feta for dinner.
  8. Sister act Broadway musical
    Suggested by   @ptrench192
  9. Grand central
    Specifically running through the terminal and getting verbally assaulted on a train
    Suggested by   @ptrench192