Some of these I took, and some of them I'm in. They each capture a special moment from this year. Inspired by @switttch
  1. This was New Year's Eve right after midnight. This picture of the four of us will always mark the beginning of 2015 for me. Hi @lindsgrossman and @sgrossman. January.
  2. This was taken at the rehearsal dinner for my close friends' wedding. The five of us have matching shirts because we are what you might call a squad. March.
  3. @ptrench192 came to visit me when I was living in West Palm this spring. It was only for the afternoon, but I was having a rough go of it, and I always look at this picture and smile because I remember how a close friend was able to brighten my day in a few short hours. April.
  4. This is my family at my sister's high school graduation party. My mom insisted that we took a selfie, but I'm glad she did. I love my family and I love this picture. May.
  5. This is me and @sgrossman drunk on margaritas and dancing to Fleetwood Mac on the beach. I love this picture because we have one similar to this of us when we were little kids. Minus the tequila. May.
  6. And there ain't one single filter. May.
  7. If you can't tell, this is clearly me and some friends singing karaoke to the classic Hit Me Baby One More Time. It was a carefree, perfect night. June.
  8. Santa Fe sunsets are a sight to see. I captured this standing on the roof of a family friend's house in the mountains. I remember looking at the sun go down and feel a rush of gratitude wash over me. It's quite a world that we have. July.
  9. Wine drunk and happy before the Santa Fe Opera. July.
  10. Wine drunk and happy before the Santa Fe Opera with my mom and sister. July.
  11. Seen on a random street in Jerusalem. In case you forget where you are. August.
  12. The center of the world's three biggest religions in the palm of my hand. You can see the Kotel and the Dome On The Rock. August.
  13. At a festival with @liam_speranza this fall. It was just a beautiful night that evoked feelings of contentment and self assurance. Those things make me happy. September.
  14. This is a simple picture, but I love it. We're laughing and purely happy. In life I believe the best thing we can do for ourselves is to notice when things are good. Lunch with my dear friend @goodvibesstudio is when things are good. September.
  15. Caught my friend Mel standing on the platform across the tracks. Just a beautiful New York moment that made me excited to move back there next year. November.
  16. After 27 long months in Peace Corps Peru, my best friend came home. This is us the night we were reunited. November.
  17. Caught this shot of my mom taking a maniacal looking selfie while wearing a menorah hat as my dad watched. Priceless. November.
  18. I love this picture of me and my sister on Thanksgiving. She's the number one thing I'm thankful for. November.
  19. This is a selfie. I hesitated to include it because it felt vain. But, when I look at it, I'm happy. I had a challenging year and when I look at this picture of myself I see someone wiser and more resilient than I was a year ago. I look at this picture and I like what I see in myself. December.