Some of these I took, and some of them I'm in. They each capture a special moment from this year. Inspired by @switttch
  1. This was New Year's Eve right after midnight. This picture of the four of us will always mark the beginning of 2015 for me. Hi @lindsgrossman and @sgrossman. January.
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  2. This was taken at the rehearsal dinner for my close friends' wedding. The five of us have matching shirts because we are what you might call a squad. March.
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  3. @ptrench192 came to visit me when I was living in West Palm this spring. It was only for the afternoon, but I was having a rough go of it, and I always look at this picture and smile because I remember how a close friend was able to brighten my day in a few short hours. April.
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  4. This is my family at my sister's high school graduation party. My mom insisted that we took a selfie, but I'm glad she did. I love my family and I love this picture. May.
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  5. This is me and @sgrossman drunk on margaritas and dancing to Fleetwood Mac on the beach. I love this picture because we have one similar to this of us when we were little kids. Minus the tequila. May.
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  6. And there ain't one single filter. May.
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  7. If you can't tell, this is clearly me and some friends singing karaoke to the classic Hit Me Baby One More Time. It was a carefree, perfect night. June.
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  8. Santa Fe sunsets are a sight to see. I captured this standing on the roof of a family friend's house in the mountains. I remember looking at the sun go down and feel a rush of gratitude wash over me. It's quite a world that we have. July.
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  9. Wine drunk and happy before the Santa Fe Opera. July.
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  10. Wine drunk and happy before the Santa Fe Opera with my mom and sister. July.
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  11. Seen on a random street in Jerusalem. In case you forget where you are. August.
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  12. The center of the world's three biggest religions in the palm of my hand. You can see the Kotel and the Dome On The Rock. August.
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  13. At a festival with @liam_speranza this fall. It was just a beautiful night that evoked feelings of contentment and self assurance. Those things make me happy. September.
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  14. This is a simple picture, but I love it. We're laughing and purely happy. In life I believe the best thing we can do for ourselves is to notice when things are good. Lunch with my dear friend @goodvibesstudio is when things are good. September.
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  15. Caught my friend Mel standing on the platform across the tracks. Just a beautiful New York moment that made me excited to move back there next year. November.
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  16. After 27 long months in Peace Corps Peru, my best friend came home. This is us the night we were reunited. November.
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  17. Caught this shot of my mom taking a maniacal looking selfie while wearing a menorah hat as my dad watched. Priceless. November.
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  18. I love this picture of me and my sister on Thanksgiving. She's the number one thing I'm thankful for. November.
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  19. This is a selfie. I hesitated to include it because it felt vain. But, when I look at it, I'm happy. I had a challenging year and when I look at this picture of myself I see someone wiser and more resilient than I was a year ago. I look at this picture and I like what I see in myself. December.
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