I started meditating through the Calm App. It leads you in guided meditation and it is absolutely fantastic. The first week is free and after that it costs $3.99/month. To me, that's very little to pay for peace of mind. I promise I'm not a spokesperson for them - I'm just so grateful to have found it and want to spread the word!
  1. The app also has different guided meditations for what you need in the moment. Here's some of the options:
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  2. There are twenty-four different options!
  3. Here's what I've gained:
  4. Meditation has made me less reactive to negative thoughts, sounds, and interactions.
  5. I'm able to choose whether or not I want to explore certain thoughts.
  6. It's given me space every single day to just be a soul in a body, and not a person being pulled in a bunch of conflicting directions.
  7. Meditation has taught me how to breathe better. That's crazy, y'all. I breathe all the time and had no idea I wasn't doing it well! Now I'm aware when I'm holding my breath for no good reason.
  8. (If I'm not underwater, there's no reason to hold my breath. That's just anxiety physicalizing).
  9. I'm a self aware person. But meditation has taught me how to implement non-judgment into my thoughts. I'm more compassionate toward myself now. I didn't realize how harsh I was on myself, but now I take note of it.
  10. And then correct it.
  11. Because I'm great, and meditation has helped me not just believe it again, but really put being great into practice again.
  12. Meditation has given me peace and awareness that I typically only feel while traveling. Now I can access it every day.
  13. It's given me a newfound balance and peace in my heart and soul. Through that, I'm able to accept where I am and be in the moment. That means I love every day more. I appreciate my friends and family more. Gratitude is my driving force, not anxiety.
  14. Meditation has helped me to see that anxiety is an illusion. When I perpetuate anxiety, I'm pulling the wool over my own eyes.
  15. And there's no need for it.
  16. Awareness and clarity feel much much better.