Inspired by @ChrisK
  1. Call me on your way somewhere, just to say hi and ask what I'm doing
  2. Put your hand on the small of my back to draw me a little closer when we're speaking in a crowded place
  3. Make me laugh
  4. Send me links to articles about something you're interested in and ask my opinion
  5. Make eye contact with me for a few seconds before you kiss me for the first time
    Be deliberate
  6. Cook me breakfast while standing in the kitchen wearing your boxers
  7. Notice how smart I am and say how much you like it
  8. Come up and hug me from behind as a way of saying hello
  9. When we're going to sleep, take my glasses for me and put them on the nightstand when I can't reach
  10. Wear a flannel shirt and then let me sleep in it later that day
  11. Travel somewhere new with me and be game for anything
  12. Read books in bed with me, and like it when I fold my legs over yours, and then interrupt me reading
  13. Say kind things about people you love to me
  14. Whistle along to songs on the radio while you're driving with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on my leg