1. Says that I'm beautiful but first says that I'm smart
  2. Laughs really hard at my jokes
  3. Has opinions on social issues that matter
    Like equality and race and gentrification. Apathy is unattractive.
  4. Makes it a point to get informed about who they're going to vote for and why
  5. Is a feminist
  6. Does the thing when he grabs my hand and kisses it while he's holding it
  7. Is a good friend
  8. Enjoys being with family
  9. Does people favors without expecting reciprocation
  10. Doesn't care too much about his clothes
    It doesn't bother me when a guy likes to dress well (obviously) but it's so endearing to me when a guy just doesn't pay too much attention to that. I mean, don't look like a shlub, but I like your giant t shirt collection. I want to buy you sweaters anyway.
  11. Isn't afraid to show love to their guy friends
  12. Is comfortable with his sexuality and masculinity and acts 100% normal around my gay friends/gay people in general
    Like, he doesn't even think about it.
  13. Is aware of his male privilege and white privilege if he's white
  14. Is compassionate
  15. Holds my hand
  16. Is willing to try new things
  17. Isn't intimidated by strong women, in fact loves and lifts up all women
  18. Is confident in who he is
  19. Likes to read