Happy Thanksgiving @list people! We are all alive and free to express ourselves through this platform, and that's a lot to be thankful for.
  1. My family
    Everyone is healthy and we all love each other.
  2. My friendship with my sister
    She's my favorite person on earth, y'all.
  3. My wonderful friends
    I truly have amazing friends. I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude when I think of how much love and positivity and laughter and adventures they all bring to my life.
  4. My parents being in love with each other
    It gives my entire existence a stable foundation.
  5. Food
    Lots of people don't have it.
  6. My parents' generosity
    They're letting me live at home during this year before grad school, and they're paying back my undergraduate loans.
  7. My American citizenship
    Self explanatory.
  8. Travel opportunities
    I travel a lot. Which is great because I have to travel to feel balanced. I'm so thankful that I have the means to do so.
  9. Blue skies
  10. My health
    I'm a hypochondriac but I know that I'm healthy and that is such a blessing.
  11. My self control
  12. My self confidence
    Thanks, parents!
  13. Books
  14. The sovereignty and strength of the State of Israel
  15. There's a prayer in Judaism that says "Let me dwell in the House of the Lord all the days of my life"
    I'm thankful that that's where I dwell.
  16. Technology
    I love a lot of people who live far away. I'm happy that I can still see their faces frequently through technology.
  17. Music
  18. Meditation
  19. That I know who I am at my core, and that I never compromise that, is something I am truly thankful for
  20. Moments in this aching world that reassure me that humanity will be okay.
  21. 🦃