Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?
  1. Leslie Knope and CJ Cregg
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    Boss Ladies blazing a fiery feminist trail of perfection.
  2. Tom Haverford and Lord John Marlbury
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    Lord John Marlbury would love Snake Juice.
  3. Ron Swanson and Jed Bartlet
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    They would wax wistfully about national parks and adamantly disagree on the role of government.
  4. Donna Meagle and Toby Zeigler
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    Neither have any time to entertain your bullshit. They would have an amazing alliance during meetings and have drinks together after work.
  5. Ben Wyatt and Josh Lyman
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    Both would be golden labs if they were dogs.
  6. April Ludgate and Amy Gardner
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    Together would create the driest wit in history.
  7. Ann Perkins and Donna Moss
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    Both smart, both pretty boy-obsessed, both witty. I want to go shopping with them and then go to a museum.
  8. Andy Dwyer and Charlie Young
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    Charlie would keep Andy in line and Andy would encourage Charlie's love of practical jokes.
  9. Chris Traeger and Sam Seaborne
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    I mean, clearly.
  10. Leo McGarry and Jed Bartlet
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    No one but Jed is good enough for Leo.